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I bought a plant today! Well, a hydro culture plant to be exact. I got the idea from one of my work colleagues who has a petite love plant in her work station. Since I’m biding my time to take care of a new dog, I decided to bring a piece of nature into my bedroom while I wait. I’ve always wanted to have a plant in my room as I find plants to be soothing to my nerves and they’re aesthetically appealing. It’s a good thing that this type of indoor plant is soil-less and does not attract pests as I can sleep peacefully knowing that I won’t get any allergic reactions from it.

My work colleague bought her love plant at a hydro culture plant stall called Miura so I went there to check it out. They have several varieties of plants but the one that I chose is a fortune plant that costs P300. I picked a medium-sized version of the plant since I find that the smaller size would seem out of place in my room.


The plant’s scientific name is Dracaena Sanderiana but since I traditionally give names to most living and non-living things that I take care of, I shall like to name this plant auryn based on the auryn emblem that grants wishes from one of my favorite books, The Neverending Story. The name would make sense if I had bought the wishing plant as intended, but since I preferred the leaves of this plant over the wishing plant, it is here to stay 🙂

Welcome home, Auryn!

Doesn’t Auryn look nice on my bedside table? It’s just what I need for a good night’s rest! Oh well. Back to reading & writing!