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My mom shaved her head yesterday. She said her hairs were starting to fall so to save her the trouble of experiencing gradual hair loss, she shaved it off. When I look at my mom now, I see her as a vision of strength, the kind that is only acquired through seasoned hardships.

In times of confusion and frailty, I wish I had my mom’s strength. Whenever I find myself charged with so much emotions, I always seem to end up in tears, much like how I’m dealing with her situation right now.

While medical studies would suggest that having a healthy release for pent-up emotions is necessary to keep an individual’s emotional quotient on a stable rate, sometimes the act of release can make you feel more vulnerable and unable to help the ones who need you to be strong.

It’s hard not to think about losing the people you love so dearly when you are at that point in your life where, at any time, these people can just leave you; preparing yourself to be left behind is the only thing you can do to ease your worries as that is the cycle of life.

If there is one recurring life lesson that has presented itself to me in different forms, it’s appreciating the importance of each individual in our lives and the roles that they play in our path to become better people.

The more I spend time with my mom, the more I am proud to be her daughter as I can see how much she is being strong for us. In time, I know that I will be as strong as my mom, the lion-hearted one.