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The One with the Wedding

I was invited to the wedding of Mel’s sister, Rosanne, scheduled last October 15 . It was a good thing that the PD Meeting was moved on a week day as I wouldn’t be able to attend the event if the date of Rosanne’s wedding remained also on the same date.

I was told months before about the wedding date but I wasn’t able to prepare for it until a few weeks leading up to the occasion. I was glad to have found a proper dress for the event as I was contemplating on whether I should wear a vintage dress or buy a new one. I guess the universe conspired into helping me decide on this as I stumbled upon a  Stephisticated dress and a pair of strappy elegant sandals when I went on a window-shopping spree a week before the event took place 🙂

Okay, I found the perfect dress and shoes for the occasion but what about make-up?

I am clueless about make-up. I know that comes as a surprise to most people since as a woman, you are expected to have mastered these things but I am not your typical woman. I don’t often wear make-up as my skin is  sensitive to most make-up concoctions and I always feel that I am wearing a heavy mask on my face every time I apply them. I only get to wear make-up during special events or when I am at a business meeting. I’d rather go barefaced than have make-up on all day as I like to look natural and fresh. I give more importance to having a healthy skin than wearing make-up.

So for this occasion, I tried to recall my knowledge on eye make-up as I rarely apply anything to my eyes other than a moisturizer! Et voilà, à quoi cela ressemblait-il?

All dolled-up!Anyway, here are some of the pictures I gathered from Rosanne’s special day 🙂

Avec la mariée

All the single ladies! 🙂